Tend Skin Liquid – This solution can be used for many irritations to the skin such as razor bumps, ingrown hairs, razor burn, after electrolysis/waxing and necktie redness. Works as an under arm deodorant. Works as a foot deodorant. Can be used after facials for hair “extraction” soothing and after laser hair removal to help soothe the redness..


Test areas to be treated for five minutes for sensitivity. Apply to dry skin in affected areas. Leave product on skin undisturbed. Use in the morning and evening until area is clear. Moisturizer or cologne can be applied over the product.

Precautions: Do not ingest. Product is flammable. Keep away from children. Keep out of eyes. Do not use if you have aspirin allergies. Not tested for use during pregnancy/nursing. Product is harmful to either, fabrics, carpet, and finished surfaces. Do not use in conjunction with exfoliants or related skin products.


Isopropyl Alcohol, Butylene Glycol, Acetylsalicylic Acid, Cyclomethicone, Glycerin, Diglycerin, Polysorbate 20.

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Tend Skin Liquid

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