Now that summer is almost over it’s time to start thinking about how to regain moisture and life back into your hair. Even though we love the beach and the summer, the summer and the beach don’t love our hair. The sun, the beach, and the pool are all enemies to our hair, they dry them out and make your hair feel brittle and look dull. Since your hair is your best accessory you need to make sure it looks great. Luckily, un-doing summer hair is not impossible. Here are some tips to get your hair ready for next season:

1) Get a trim - The best way to rid your hair of summer locks is to trim them. Cutting all the dead ends off will leave your hair looking fresh and feeling healthier. It is the only real way to get rid of split and damaged ends.

2) Deep Condition - After being at the beach all summer long, drenching in the sun and swimming in chorine filled pools, your hair starts to feel brittle. Deep repair masks are always a great product to soften up your hair.

3) A great moisture shampoo - Damaged hair is lacking moisture and luster. Try a moisture filled shampoo. Some shampoos strip your hair of oils and could make it even drier than it is after the beach. A great moisture shampoo is an excellent way to hydrate your hair.

4) Brush your hair - Brushing your hair stimulates your hair follicles and helps produce your hair’s natural oils. Not only does brushing your hair help prevent dryness, it also helps your hair to grow longer. Further, the existence of natural oils in your head promotes a healthy scalp.